Deal: Any CVS oral care (excludes clearance).

Spend $10, Get $8 XB (extrabucks), my ad states Limit 2.  So that means spend $20 get $16 XB.

Check your CVS extracare deal (0nline).  I have noticed in the past few weeks there have been CVS coupon that state “App Only”, then you need to send those “App Only” coupons to your card.  These will not print out at home or in store.

I had an app only CVS q of $4 off $14 purchase of toothbrushes, toothpaste, or flosses.

Advice, don’t rely on shelf price tag.  Double check your prices before going to the cashier.  However, what is nice about CVS, is that you don’t have to do the deal all at once,  just complete it before the end of the week’s sale.  I’m not sure if you would get one $16 XB or two $8 XB.  I did mine in two transactions, so I received two $8 XB, which are easier for me to use.  Another advice, if an XB doesn’t print out that you expect, first look at the bottom of your receipt and see if you’ve met your spend requirement.

Aim for $20 with $14 being toothbrushes, toothpaste, or flosses.

Pay at least $16, and receive $16 XB.

My deal was $20.77 -$4CVSq = $16.77- $16 XB = 77c