I did the P&G deal of buy $30 get $10 ECB. I got my total up to $45 to use the $5 off of $45 in app coupon. I looked on the bottom of my receipt to see that I can do this deal more than once!!


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4 thoughts on “CVS: P&G Deal Has A Limit Of More Than One!!!”

Is the PG limit 2 time $10 EB back this week?


Did you use your $5 off $45? How does that work? $45 before or after coupons?

It didn’t deduct automatically and clerk said should be after coupons. But store manager said when I called later on it should be $45 before coupons and asked me to go back with my receipt and gave me $5 cash.

I would like to know everyone’s experience.


Same! Will try to finish transaction today.


Same here !!! Need to spend 14 to get another $10