3 Pantene Shampoos
3 Pantene Conditioners
2 bags of M&Ms
Brookside Chocolate snack bag
Loreal eyeshadow
Loreal mascara
Maybelline eyeshadow
Maybelline lip gloss
Venus Razor
Gillette Razor
Softsoap Soap
2 bags of Chex Mix
3 bags of Hershey candies
Whole Blend Shampoo
Whole Blend conditioner
2 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars
2 boxes of Fruit Gushers
Reese Puffs cereal
Cinnamon Toast cereal
2 pack Crest toothpaste
2 pack Crest Scope toothpaste
2 bottles of NyQuil
Crest 3D mouthwash
Physicians eyeliner
Hershey Carmel filled chocolate bag
Pack of Pampers Dry diapers
Pack of Pampers Cruiser diapers
Pack of wipes

Used $49 ECB
Had coupons for almost every item
Total: $59.99 (worth of coupons)
Almost every item came with ECB

Price before sales, coupons, and ECB
Price OOP
$101.83 (tax included)
ECB returned
Almost like paying
$50.83 for everything!!!


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3 thoughts on “CVS rocks!”

Does everyone buy


What newspaper


That’s a huge haul , nice savings (;