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I went to CVS yesterday and found all sorts of wonderful match-ups with the red box coupons….

2 Soft soap 2/$5
1 Herbal Essence $3
1 Herbal Essence $1.99 (meant to buy another of the $3 bottles for the ECB, but it still printed)
Chips Ahoy $0.84
Mini Oreo $0.84
Nutterbutters $0.84
2 Purex Liquid $1.99 each
2 Ultrpacks $1.99 each
Crest toothpaste $2.74 (clearance)
Centrum $9.99
4 Dawns $0.99 each
Stickers $1.49 (on sale for 50% off, my daughter loves Dora)

Coupons Used:
Softsoaps: CVS red box$1/2 and MQ $0.50/2
Herbal Essence: CVS red box $1/2 and MQ $1/2
Purex: $1 offf (my husband was with me so he was able to buy one liquid and one of the packs as well, per the coupon only 1 like in each trip)
Crest: CVS red box $1 off and MQ $0.75 off
Centrum: CVS red box$3 off and MQ $2 off
Dawn: MQ $0.25 off
CVS $2 beauty I got in an email
CVS $5 off $15
CVS $5 off from previous beauty products buy
P&G $10 rebate card

Total OOP $3.47 (includes tax)
Total savings $145.47 and went home with $1 ECB

I love matching up my coupons with the coupons I get out of the red box. And with a little scouring of the isles for any items they have marked down, I walked out the store paying with the change I keep in my binder. WOO HOO!!!!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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