Got all items for $10.22 then submitted $2.00 to SavingsStar. like paying $8.22. I just started couponing and I am still learning.


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2 thoughts on “CVS Roundup!”

How did u that that all for $10.00


Hi Bill, I had $17.50 in EB from previous trips. I used Coupons for EVERYTHING! the Colgate Max was FREE with cvs coupon for $2.50 0ff and .50 off coupon. The Vaseline lotions are b1g1 50% off so they were $12.00 had two $2.00 off coupons from last weeks paper.and used $7.50 in EB making that transaction 1.32. The Charmin, Bounty, Always, Puffs, and TIde were $20.00 used $10.00 EB and $3.50 in coupons. The Gain is on sale use a $2.00 off coupon pay $1.94 With Tax paid 10.22 in all. I hope I didn’t leave anything out. Hope that helps.