IMG_20150820_145658Transaction 1
2 x folding chair clearance $12.49 each
Shells in basket clearance $0.99
Used: $23 ecb
Paid: $2.97

Transaction 2
2 x Tena Serenity active liners 26 ct $4.99 (Used rain check, buy one get one 50% off, buy two get $4 ecb)
Dr. Coca non-drowsy cough for children clearance $2.37
Used: 2 x  $2.00 off (1) TENA Incontinence Liners and Pads
 $4.00 off ONE (1) Dr. Cocoa product
Paid: $0.35
Received: $4 ecb

Transaction 3
2 x beach towel clearance $4.99 each
3 x  Dr. Coca non-drowsy cough for children clearance $2.37
          $5 ecb
Paid: $0.09


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One thought on “CVS summer clearance”

Register would not take my $4 cough medicine coupon because of the clearance price! I forget the wording on the the register but a no go for me in northwest Indiana! Great job!