6 cottonelle tp
5 Scott paper towels
8 twizzlers
$45.00 oop
4 $1.00 off 2 twizzlers
5 $1.00 off Scott paper towels
6 $1.00 off toilet paper
Saved 47%
Saved $39.92
Closing balance points 12200
(Idk how to read points with Walgreens due to not shopping there often)

4 packs of pull ups
3 tampons
3 pads
1 candy
1 tide pod
$30 oop
2 $4.00 off pull ups
6 $2.00 off tampons and pads
$5.00 off $25 diapers cvs coupon
$2.00 off tide
$2.00 off tide cvs coupon
$10 Eb rolled over from buying 4 pull ups earlyer this week
Got $1.00 back for next week
69% savings
Saved $68.36

Didn’t think I did to shabby so figured I’d share


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One thought on “Cvs and walgreens!! Not to shabby!”

Hi, here in IOwa and I”m not sure how it is where you live, But Walgreen normally does $5.00 for every 5,000 points I believe. Even if you get a presciption that is 100 pts. they add up fast. I do have a question thou, What does eb stand for? and also how do I get coupouns for toilet paper/paper towels and batteries. are my number #1 things I need 🙂


I found them in the Sunday times in from Pennsylvania… Um you could also print coupons from coupons.com I find a lot there but you could only print 2 coupons per device of the same kind… Hope this helps you out.. I’m always on the look out for toilet paper and paper towels they are what we always use and don’t go bad lol! ????