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Deal of the day!

Karen Beninato

So its raining and gloomy here today. I don’t mind but it has given me the doldrums. My son is in the Army and was recently deployed to Afghanistan for the second time, so I send him and his buddies care packages regularly. I web cammed with him this morning and he said he needed laundry soap so he could do his own laundry. I knew purex made this great all in one product and that shipping it would be far easier than powder, so I checked my flyers from the Sunday paper and saw that Rite aide had it on sale. BOGO free. Cool, thats for me.

I leaf through my coupon binder and find no coupons grrrrr then I remember I have a coupon book from my flu shot and wella! I find a coupon for a dollar off. I have two books so I snag both and head out.

When I get there I find that the tropical sent purex all in one sheets are 75%! I swear I heard angelic music start playing. I grabbed the last two.

This purchase was $2.12 oop
I used 2/$1 off coupons from the Rite Aid coupon book that is given out with flu shots on the Purex, which was already 75% off.
I snagged the $2 off coupon from Rite Aides facebook page for the Colgate 3D toothpaste and used a $1.50 off coupon from the SS 9/11 making it free.

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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