I woke up this morning and decided I wasn’t going to put up with my allergies anymore, I had to buy some Claritin. Since I don’t buy anything unless I can get a deal on it, I worked up this Wags deal for Claritin

I was lucky enough to find one last box of Claritin on the shelf that was priced as a 30 ct, but it was actually a 40ct, the box said 33% more free, so considering that, I feel I got really lucky and got an awesome deal! Here’s the breakdown:

Trasaction #1

-Omega Krill – On sale for 10.00, used 2.00mfg coupon
-(2) Crest Complete Scope 2 for $6, used (2) .75/1 Crest coupons
SUBTOTAL = 12.50
PRINTED RR’s = $10.00 from Krill, $3 from Crest, $2 from Crest
(Transaction ended up being a $2.50 MONEYMAKER, plus items were FREE!)

Transaction #2

-(3) pencils on clearance for 25 cents (used for filler)
-Claritin 40 Tabs (33% more free) $24.99 – $4mfg and $4 Wags August Coupon book
USED $10, $3, $2 RR from Transaction #1

So, before taxes, I paid $15.24! According to the reciepts, my total savings for both transactions was $44.47

Saved about 75%, if my calculations are correct. In theory I saved a bit more, since the Claritin was 33% more free :)

All I know is that the price tag on the Claritin was 24.99, and I got it for about $16, plus 3 pencils, the Krill tablets, and two big tubes of toothpaste basically for FREE :)

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One thought on “Deals and Allergies – both in season”

awesome! I love couponing! I am going to try the crest deal at my walgreens…cool that it prints out both RR….