Purchased 2 Lady Mitchum Deodorants on sale for 2.99 used 2 $2 off coupons from Sundays Paper for an end price of .99. Bought 1 Secret Clinical deodorant last chanced for 4.49 then used 1 $2off coupon paid 2.49.
Bought 3 Dove mens deodorant last chanced for 2.69 found $2 off coupons hanging in the aisle for any dove deodorant paid .69 Each
Then purchased 2 Irish Spring Body wash last chanced at 2.29 used 1$ off coupon from each from coupons.com paid 1.29 each. Also purchased 2 packs of Super plus walgreens tampons for 1.99 each. I got 49.20 of product for 13.10


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One thought on “Deodorant Steal at Walgreens!”

the irish spring is $3.49 at rite aid plus a in ad coupon $2 off and the $1 off manufacture coupons you only paid $0.49 cents for each one