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I really like Harris Teeter (East Coast, only a few states).

I went yesterday and purchased 42 items for $41.05. That’s less than .98 cents per item.

I purchased oatmeal, taco shells, tortilla chips, peaches, cucumbers, corn on the cob, bread, frozen pancakes and french toast, tea, pudding, milk, eggs, coffee creamers and luncheon meat. I had manufacture coupons, e-vic specials and rain checks for everything except the produce, pudding (BOGO), bread (HT brand) and taco shells (sale $).

What I like about Harris Teeter is that their sales and e-vic specials coordinate really well with the most recent coupon inserts so you don’t have to sit on your coupons for weeks and get what you want. A lot of times they will even have the items on sale a second time before the coupon expires. So if you forget to get a rain check or miss the item the first time you have another shot at it. I like that their coupon policy and e-vic specials have limited quantities so that one person can not come in and wipe out the entire stock at once, lots of customers can shop. You can always shop again for more that week if you need more. Their regular pricing is a bit high but their sales matched with coupons are great.

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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