My total was $3.44 (2.60 before tax) for all of this; price before discounts was $12.34 (11.50 before tax). The OxiClean HD was $4.50, had a $2 off coupon, all of the toothbrushes became free with the $4 digital coupon off Crest, there was a 50¢ coupon for the Wet ‘n Wild powder in addition to my $2 off $10 coupon. There’s also another 40¢ it took off somehow but I can’t figure that out, but hey that’s fine with me, total savings $8.90! Wish they did the 2 off 10 more, don’t always need the 5 off 25.


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One thought on “DG 77% savings!”

If your a member of their digital coupons and you entered your number during the transaction your receipt will be stored on your dashboard and the ones online are a lot easier to read 😜. Love me some DG cause I’m not close to any Walgreens or ‘ve or even target lol. Do most of my couponing there.