I think this is best I’ve done on diapers!
Total before coupons and taxes $35.96

Bought 4 (stock was low, so made best of it based on my nieces’ current and near future sizes) packs diapers at 2/$17.98 or $8.99 each
1 Pampers Swaddlers Jumbo Bag Size 1 35 ct
1 Pampers Cruisers Size 3 28ct
1 Pampers Baby Dry Jumbo Bag Size 6 21 ct
1 Pampers Swaddlers Jumbo Bag Size 2 32 ct

(2) $2 off pampers manufacturer coupons (coupons.com)
(1) $3 off 2 packs pampers (P&G 7/31)
$5 off $25 diapers from cvs coupon machne I got for using card.
(Rolled EB)
$10 Extra bucks from a previous purchase

Then submit receipt to checkout 51 to get $1.50 off one pack pampers swaddlers

Paid $16.44 ($13.96 before taxes) 71% savings
Received 10 Extrabucks (CVS rewards) for spending $30 on PG products

Submitted receipt for $1.50 checkout 51

When you discount $10 EB and $1.50 from Checkout 51
PAID $16.44 – $11.50 = $4.94
Divide $4.94 by 4 packs = $1.24 per pack of diapers 😆


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5 thoughts on “Diapers 1.24 each- including tax at CVS”

You counted your extra bucks twice so it wasn’t really that good of a deal. Think of it as how many extra bucks did I use & how many did I earn? I would consider it 35.96 – 5.00 cvs coupon, – 7.00 in manufacture coupons = 23.96 minus 10.00 in extra bucks you earned minus 1.50 so 12.46 for 4 packs


Thank you! I’m going to make the same purchase 🙂


Awesome. Just waiting to get my hands on more Qs. I’m old fashion and always do the ones from the newspaper, never print any out just because if the hassle I’ve heard. I hope I get to do this kind of deal soon with there being 4 new baby’s in our family’s this year


What is discount 51?


It’s Checkout 51 and it’s a rebate app.