Going in the stockpile for baby girl coming in July!

Bought 3 packs on sale for $10. Used (2) $2/1 Q and (1) $5 RR from previous weeks huggies sale. Used $5 rewards points and submitted Checkout 51 for $2. Total oop was $16. Got back $10 RR and $2 checkout 51 making these $1.33 per pack plus tax!!!


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2 thoughts on “Diapers at Walgreens!!”

$16 minus the $12 she got back equals $4 for 3 pks. I say that is stock up price!!! Great job!


You used a 5.00 reward and 5.00 in points so technically your out of pocket would be $26 instead of 16 so not a deal at all. 16 / 3 packs equals 5.33, not a stock up price