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Didn’t go quite as planned…


2 Purex Ultrapacks $1.99 – (2) $1 MQ
1 A&W Root Beer .88
1 Unreal Bar .75
1 Softsoap $1.67 CVS Q
2 Tresemme .99 – $2/2 CVS Q
2 Dial Foam $5.49, B1G1 – (2) $1.50 MQ
2 Nexxus Hair Care $10.99 and $11.79

I used a $4 off $20 purchase
25% coupon
$3 off Birthday coupon
And 19.67 EB (had everything gone correctly I would have only used $15 EB and spent less than .50 cents OOP)

Spent $2.62 OOP including tax
Got back .75 EB from the unreal bar and $10 EB from the Nexxus

Ok. So here’s the problem. The guy that was checking me out was scanning everything so fast as soon as I got everything on the counter that I wasn’t able to check that everything was ringing up correctly. So at the end of my transaction my total was actually lower than I had planned for and so I just went with it instead of checking on things. Turns out he rang up the dial foam 3 times and did not ring up one of my nexxus. This completely messed up my entire plan because I had a 25% off coupon that was going towards the nexxus. After we found the problem, he would not correct it. He refunded me for the one dial foam, but would not ring up the other nexxus at 25% off because he said it was coupon fraud. I told him he was wrong because I had the coupon, and if he had rung up everything correctly then we wouldn’t be having this problem. He didn’t seem to care. So I took my refund and went to a different CVS where I know the manager and explained what had happened, and he did the 25% off for me. The bad thing is I ended up spending more OOP and using more Extra Bucks because of that one guy’s screw up. Always check things before you pay! I learned my lesson! And to top it off, today is my Birthday….Boooooo! :(

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