Went to 2 different Dollar Generals to get all this for $25! The 2 copper tone sunscreen packs were 90% off at Target- originally $14.99 and I got them for $1.49. A lot of the stuff on the DG clearance aisle did not ring up 1/2 off and I had to let the clerk know. The only coupon I had was for the Finish- $3.75, 1/2 off was $1.87, and 50 cent coupon took it to $1.37 😀Happy about my haul!


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One thought on “Dollar General Clearance!”

That is great! My DG didn’t have much on clearance. I only got 6 packs of bday cups .25 cents each and 8 little hair bows for .05 each . They had alot of Bday gift bags and small things which is nothing compare to this picture. Good haul:)