CeraVe baby diaper rash cream @ dollar tree, all for $1 each! I had all my sisters with me and we did multiple transactions, I had coupons for $3 off any CeraVe product, and also $2 off coupons that I got from the doctors office. The cashier let me buy 8 and use 4 off the $3 off and 4 of the $2 off since it was 2 different coupons, so I had my 2 other sisters, and they got 8 packs each also! $24 worth, 24 packs for FREE! Paying nothing out of pocket, only $1.68 in taxes!!!


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2 thoughts on “Dollar tree! All free with coupons from doctors office!”

I can find where these r


They would be by the baby section, but inventory does vary by store. There’s also stretch mark cream in this brand at my dollar store, it was by the health section.