I used 2 Internet printables off of coupons.com for $1 off any clearquil and I only had 3 tearpad manufacter coupons for the cerave for $3 off of any cerave product that I got from the doctors office. All free! I only paid taxes. Btw, just saying, if you live in Gainesville, ga, the manager here at the dollar tree is super rude and tries to make up his own policies, then he said I photocopy my coupons just bc I used black and white ink only….he was very difficult but luckily the cashier was helpful and I even showed her the policy to help her out, all of my coupons have their own serial numbers so I didn’t photocopy them….then the manager tries to tell me they cannot accept a coupon for more than what the item is worth, but dollar tree policy cleary states that they’ll lower to the price of the item and the cashier scanned it and it worked just fine


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