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Double Coupons Finally!


Our Hy-Vee had a double coupon event today! (Also tomorrow!) This is the first in my rural town of 15,000 to my knowledge! We scored $90.11 in graocries for $24.61!!! 44 items for an average of 59 cents per item!!! They double all coupons to to and including a $1.00 no free coupons were double. Coupled with sales my son and I scored some great deals! The BelVita (2), Hormel Bacon Bits, Kraft Dressings and gum were free!!! Thanks to coupons. Plus we received 5 catalinas including $2 off our next shopping trip. To make it even better I still have a order form for the Idaho Signature Potatoes to get 4 more $1 off coupons!!!!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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