Kmart doubles
At Kmart the JERGENS wet skin moisturizer is priced at $7.50 it’s buy one get one %50 off.
Red plum coupon for $2.00 off one.
So $5.50 and $1.75
If you stack your coupons it’s $3.50 and free.
So if you stack you pay $1.75 a piece.

Also garnier face towlette are on sale for $5.09
Red plum coupon for $2.00 off one
So $3.09 if you double its 1.09
Face wash is on sale for $6.49
So $4.49 double is $2.49

Garner shampoo conditioner and frizz ease serum on sale for 3 for $10
$1 off coupon from red plum x3
So 3 for $7 or 3 for $4 making them $1.33 a piece

Rite aide
Loreal 2/$8 shampoo and conditioner
$4 off 2 making them $2.00 a piece
Excedrin– $3.00 and $1.50 off coupon making it $1.50
Colgate $3.50 with $1.00 off 2.50 with 300 plenty points back so .50 money maker

Also got the oxi detergent

Had plenty points so paid nothing and got $6.00 back in plenty points.


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2 thoughts on “Doubles WIN at Kmart”

I mean doubling. I say stacking sorry to confuse you. Ya they double up to $2.00.


My local Kmart will only double coupons upto $1. I wish they would double my $2coupons!!!


What is stacking?