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Downy 120 load -$4.05


I can not believe I got 120 load Downy fabric softener for $4.05 per bottle. I thought about getting 2 Downy and 1 Tide but the Downy deal was too incredible to pass up where as the Tide was an average deal. I knew I would be able to do better on Tide some other time plus I am not a fan of the spouts on the bottle as they tend to leak. I paid $54.85 for all of these items and I have a 10 target gift card for my next shopping trip. I did 3 transactions:

1) 2 Coppertone 6oz sprays – $7.44 each
– $3/2 Any Coppertone MC coupon
-2)$1/1 Coppertone spray Target web coupon
$10.53 ($9.88 + tax) plus $5 Target GC back

2) 3 Downy 120 load fabric softener – $7.99 each
-$1/3 MC coupon
-$2/3 Target coupon
-$5 Target GC from trans 1
$16.96 ($15.97 + tax) total plus $10 GC back

3) 2 puffs 6ct boxes – $8.99 each
1 Charmin 36 roll – $17.88 each
-$.25/1 Charmin MC coupon
-2)$.25/1 3-pack puffs MC coupon
-$10 Target GC from trans 2
$27.36 ($25.22 + tax) + $10 target GC for future

So glad I hit Target at 10am to get these deals especially since the sunscreen was almost cleaned out due to the holiday weekend. I completely missed out on last week’s Target sunscreen deal so I am very happy there was a Coppertone deal this week that I had time to jump on. Happy shopping everyone!!!

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