Rite aid : 4 huggies jumbo 35.96 used $8 in MQ used $6.65 in points paid 21.24 including tax. Got back 1600pp and $5 catalina. Second transaction: 1 purex clorox 2 purex crystals 1 colgate MW 2 colgate TP 1 sunday newspaper Used 6 in MQ and $5 catalina paid $7.38including tax got back 800 pp plus will be getting 200 for the purex crystals and $1.50 Ibotta rebate.
1st transaction:
2 tressemme 2 loreal 2 pepsi 1 colgate daily repair 1 calendula cream 1 kit kat (not picture). Used coupons for all items except kit kat. Used 10EB paid tax 1.98. Got back 10EB
2nd transaction:
3 huggies jumbo 1 huggies wipes. Used 10EB 6.50MQ and $3/20huggies. Paid 7.67 including tax. Got back 10EB submitted to Ibotta for calendula and checkout51 also will be getting 5EB for the beauty rewards.

Grocery outlet: 9 rainbow gelatin 3/$1 4 drinkable yogurt 1 bag of oranges. Used military discount paid 8.98.

Will be going back to Rite Aid to get more purex crystals. Couldn’t wait to try them. Now my home smells fresh & clean and I haven’t clean lol
I felt like I spend alot at Rite Aid. I always spend less than $10 at CVS including tax. But I am learning the Rite Aid system. Any suggestions or comments are welcome:)