This the last one at my store I’m so glad I got it!!

Disney frozen safe start light-up 3-wheel electric scooter.
It’s $66.49 in store
Price match with $56.99
Plus used cart wheel 30% off Pulse electric scooter (limit 1) expire tomorrow
And 5% off red card
I paid $40.55


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2 thoughts on “Electric Scooter For $40.55 at Target!”

Manufacturer coupons will be applied after the price match is made. Target coupons and Cartwheel℠ offers can’t be applied with price match.
**How did you get them to honor that?! That’s awesome!


Not my post but some stores don’t know their own policies. This store didn’t because they shouldn’t have allowed the price match then cartwheel. It is one or the other.