Transaction 1

Cerave bars. 7.49×3
Cerave oinmt. 6.99×3
B1g1 1/2 off – 3.74×1
Coupon 6×2/1=12
Ointment mc. 3×4/1= 12
Any item mc. 3×3/1=9

Kellogg pastry
6 boxes= $16

– $8 in rr from cereal and dove from last weeks deals
Total oop 5.69 plus tax 2.77

Received 20,000= $20
5,000 were from a perk
And 15,000 were from I’m assuming the bars
Total for this transaction
8rr+5.69+tax 2.77=16.46
$16.46-$20 received in points)
3.54mm after tax!

Glade repeat 3 times, one of each.
.99 candy
-2 mc
=6.48 plus tax .68 x3=$21.48
-$15 paid with points ($5 each time)
6.48 oop
received 3x 1.50 rr and 3x.99 rr
Total 7.47 in rr
Submitted $9 in Ibotta rebates

Total for transaction 2,3, and 4
21.48-7.47rr-9= 5.01 with tax

Spent $14.98 oop
$15 in points

Received 20,000 points, 7.47in rr, and $9 Ibotta credits.

$1.51 total!

Was able to cash in my Ibotta for $20, so got my money back!


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2 thoughts on “Everything For Less than $2 After Tax at Walgreens!”

Mellisa, my coupon was an app Walgreens coupon it applied to all 6, they only need one to apply to the whole transaction. But that is only for Walgreens coupon. I recommend you watch the krazy coupon lady video on how to coupon at Walgreens. Walgreens can be a bit complicated.


So Walgreen scan there in store coupon 4 times or u would have to find four inside store coupon am little confuse nobody really taught me with the inside coupon