P&g products

2 Venus disp razor $13.49 each
30% just for you applied
Plus $5 off 2 manufacture coupon
And after this transaction received
Another $12 missed app coupon
So total after all discounts
$1.88 for both

1 tide 5.34 each ( bought 3 in a separate transaction to roll ecb)
Used 2/1 coupon

Pantene 3 for $12
Used 1-5/3 mc
And 3/3 red box coupon
Total $4

Used 5 off $45 app coupon and received
$10 ecb
It was about $5 mm plus tax
For all p&g products

4 loreal facial cleansers
7.49 each
30% coupon applied plus
Used 4 3/1 mc from coupons.com
Received $10 ecb
$1 mm + tax

2 0ral b tooth brush
6.79 each
30% coupon applied
Plus used 2-2/1 mc
Received $6 ecb
Was about .90 cent money maker plus tax

Aquaphor lip care I needed for my daughter
So no coupon but still good deal
5.29 each
Bought four
30% coupon applied
Received 10ecb
$4.82 for all 4 plus tax

Cerave baby products
2 baby lotions and 1 shampoo and wash
10.99 each
30% coupon applied
3 off $20 baby toiletries app coupon applied
Used 3 $4/1 coupons
Received $10 ecb
Total $1 mm plus tax

2 revlon mascara
8.99 each
2 off any revlon printed in a previous receipt
3 off any revlon from red box
30% coupon applied
Used 2-3/1 mc
.91 cent mm plus tax

1 Advil 50count
$2 coupon from app applied
30% coupon applied
And used $2 coupon
Received $2 rebate from saving star
1.59 plus tax

For this transaction I paid
44.50 in ecb
16.63 oop plus $7.62 tax
50 ecb
And $12 more for missed app coupon for a total of $62 ecb
Received $5 beauty bucks and
$2 savingstar
So less than $1 total after tax for all items

Bought 3 more tide used
1-5/3 coupon that came with my washer
Paid 10 ecb plus tax and received another
10 ecb


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8 thoughts on “Evrything For $1 After Tax !”

Hi just wondering how did u get $10 back from loreal if they are $7.49 each multiply by 4 that makes it $29.96 which is under $30?


CVS ECBS are usually triggered if you are just shy. At least they have for me in the past.


Thank you Tiffany, those are my favorite too!


Yes I have the same question.. What 30% when I have tried to use %off coupons they won’t let me because its states not cannot be combine with any sales.


Same question where did you get the 30%?


I haven’t received a % coupon in weeks, but those are the BEST!!! congrats on your finds!


it was emailed to me 🙂 it’s good on non sale items but can be used with items that generate ecbs.


What 30%off coupon from?