Have I mentioned I love ExtraBucks? I swear, my stockpile would be half empty without them.

For those that don’t know, you can actually get $10 in ExtraBucks without buying anything by linking a prescription from CVS to your ExtraCare card. I am not sure if it’s a promotion or for how long it’s going on but that’s a great way to get “free” ExtraBucks.

I had $10 in ExtraBucks from linking an rX to my ExtraCare that expired today. Eek! No way would I let that free money go to waste! But I only spend ExtraBucks to get more! On the way to dinner I stopped at my cvs and bought 4 Puffs tissues, 4 dawn dish soap, and 2 toothbrushes and used those ExtraBucks to make $6 more and left with a profit! Here’s the math:

I bought:
4 Puffs tissues – $.99/ea
4 Dawn dish soap – $.99/ea
2 Oral-B Sensi Soft toothbrushes – $3.74/ea (on clearance at my store!!)
Total: $15.40

I used:
$10 in EBs
4 $.35/1 Puffs (coupons.com)
3 $.30/1 Dawn (coupons.com)
1 $2.50/2 Oral-B (RP 11/8)

Total value (pre-sale price) – $23.79
Total discounts – $23.14
Total OOP – $.65
Total saved – 97%

Total EB – $6.00 ($3 per toothbrush)
Profit – $5.35

I’d like to note I had another $.30/1 Dawn coupon but the barcode didn’t print properly and the cashier wouldn’t take it. Let this be a lesson to you all – make sure you have clearly printed coupons or else you too will hang your head in shame at having to pay an extra $.30.

However… Cheers to making money at CVS!!


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5 thoughts on “ExtraBucks Love – 97% Savings at CVS!”

omg!! i am so FRUSTRATED!!!!!! since you change to this new look, I have not been able to find anything, my computer does not like it!!


do u need to have an actual prescription ???


I think you just have to have filled one at cvs in the last year.


Do you use the same coupons from coupon.com or print them put 4 different times with the same bar codes?


Yayyy awesome! !!! Love cvs