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Farmer John Savings


My Family eats breakfast alot and this is the ONLY brand of Bacon and Sausage that my family buys and they happened to go on sale last week!

The Bacon’s original price is 4.98 at my Food 4 less but it was on sale for 2/$7.00, making them 3.50 each and after the 14 $2.00 coupon it knocked them down to $1.50 each! (4 bacon’s aren’t pictured)
Price Before Coupons:$69.72
Price After Coupons:$21.00

The Sausage’s were on sale for $1.28 and after 10 $1.00 off coupons, I got them for $0.28 each!
Price Before Coupons:$12.80
Price After Coupons:$2.80

Total Price Before Coupons:$82.52
Total Price After Coupons:$23.80

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