Decided to check out what the PowerBars might be priced at since my WalMart did not have single PowerBars available. WORTH IT! I happened to come across an even better deal at my Kroger!

Bought 2 Power Bar Triple Threat Peanut Butter Caramel bars at $0.75 each!
-Used 1.00/2 Power Bar coupon as linked on the original KCL WalMart Power Bar deal.
-Paid $0.50 in store.
-Used $0.50 MobiSave app rebate.

Final Price: FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Still very new to couponing, but I really am enjoying it a lot! 🙂 Thank you KCL!


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3 thoughts on “Feel the POWER–Kroger!”

I don’t understand what’s going on I did everything I was supposed to do and everything is not adding up at all and I paid my money and not received nothing as of yet so what’s up


What are you not understanding Tony? Your question and confusion is extremely vague and hard to understand.


I apologize about the sideways picture! 🙁