I looked at sooo many stores for these dryer sheets before finally finding them at Family Dollar! $2 regular price with 2 $5/3 coupons comes out to six boxes for only $2.72 with tax! And since Rite Aid is in the same strip mall a block from my house, I checked on inventory for next week’s haul (which was good!) And found they restocked the Irish Spring body wash! Used the $2 in ad coupon with a $1 MF to get it for $0.70 with tax!


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2 thoughts on “FINALLY!!! Dryer sheets & Irish spring @ family dollar + Rite Aid!!”

I need to find them but can’t anywhere!


They were so hard to find! But persistence pays off! Hopefully when the coupons get a little closer to expiring stores will start being stocked with them again since everyone has already used their coupons, haha. Good luck!