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Finish dishwasher tabs

Kimberly Rhodes

CVS has finish powerball, gel tabs, and 10ct quantum, 2 for $7. SS1/1 has a coupon $1 off the 10 ct quantum or $2.15 off the gel pacs, powerball, or greater than 25 ct quantum. This also qualifies toward $10 CVS cash card when you spend $30. I went to 2 CVS and got :
4 gel pacs, 4 powerball, and 2 snickers 8 packs which are 5 for $5 and qualify=$30-$17.20 in coupons(2.15 x 8)=&12.80 plus tax, and receive $10 CVS card= 2.80 plus tax or 35 cents each for the dishwasher tabs! Had to do 2 transactions because you can only use 2 coupons for the same item in a transaction. You can only use the $1 coupon for the quantum since it is only a 10 ct, and the 2.15 coupon says it has to be at least 25 ct if you are buying the quantum.

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