Rite Aid:
Nivea Bodywash on clearance for $2.74
Old Spice deodorant on clearance for $2.74 used $1.00/1
Then used a $2.00 rr I received earlier for some reason not sure how.
$2.88 oop

Earned Catalinas previously:
Ice mountain sparkling water $1.00 when you buy 6
Campbell’s soup $3.00 when you buy 7
Powerbar $4.00 when you buy 15

Suave Deodorant $.99 used .60/1=.39
Ivory Soap Bars 1.00 used $1.00/2= .50each

Took advantage of the $3 off 6 items:

Schick Quattro Titanium on closeout for $2.25 counts for mega savings sale price $1.75! (Super bummed i didn’t have a coupon for it)
Gain flings $4.49 sale used $3.00/1 x2=$1.49 each
Dove Men $2.99 sale used $2.00/1=.99
Gillette Satin Care $1.99 sale used $1.00/1×2 =.99 each
Skintimate $2.00 sale used $1.00/1=$1.00
U By Kotex $2.49 sale used $2.00/1×2=$1.49 each
Huggies Wipes $1.49 sale used $0.50/1×2=.99 each
Gerber Grabbers $.89sale used$1.00/4=.64 each

After Catalinas and coupons my out of pocket cost was 11.54 before tax


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2 thoughts on “First attempt at great savings!”

I want to get into couponing and saving money but I don’t know where to get the coupons……please help


I get the local paper and my mom gives me hers. I clip every single one and file them away unless there is a great coupon that i NEED i dont try to get more than the coupons i have (the $3off tide i bought 5 extra papers just for that)
Other than that i follow kcl and another blog and run to the store when they show me a great deal!

Store cards are the way to go you get so many extra savings.