Several transactions and 3 different stores.

48 brookside bars
16 simply Tide
4 crest scope mouthwash
4 Aussie shampoos && conditioners
1 Aussie deep conditioner and hairspray
4 sure deodorants
6 brut deodorants
5 herbal essence hairspray
3 herbal essence mouse
1 herbal essence shampoo && conditioner
2 clearasil facial washes
2 cottonelle 12 packs
4 Cesar dog food trays (not pictured)

Total oop was $82.79 with taxes
Retail value is about $360 before taxes
Still have about 24,600 points earned from this hall !!


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4 thoughts on “First big haul”

Yes I planned it all week and I write everything down all my counts and I went Friday afternoon after work and got it all done. I was exhausted by the time I was done. I did leave out a few things because they were none left at all the Walgreens I went to ???? but it was still a good haul


Great job


That is wonderful. You took the time and it paid off. Great job.


awesome $50 for all that is great!