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First brag: CVS clearance!


I went to CVS to get the Nestle water deal today and the magic machine spit out so many wonderful coupons for me! I used those coupons to score some awesome deals on clearance stuff. I purchased:

2 Nestle water, 24 packs (not pictured, I already put it away and it was too heavy to lug back out. Sorry!)
2 Revlon lipgloss
1 Revlon eyeshadow
5 Rimmel mascara
2 Sally H. Crackle polish
5 H.Essences Hydration shampoo
4 Pantene shampoo
1 Visine
6 Tresemme (travel-sized)
1 Almay concealer
1 Almay smart blush
2 Revlon mascara
1 Nivea Men body wash
1 Nivea men face scrub
2 Kotex natural balance liner
Coupons used:

3 $2/2 Tresemme CVS q (i came in three times this week but they didn’t stock until today so I had 3 qs that the machine had spit out)
2 $1/1 Almay cosmetic
2 $1/1 Revlon cosmetic
2 $1/1 Rimmel cosmetic (wish I had more comps so I could’ve printed more of these since i got so much mascara!)
1 $1 Nivea men body wash
1 $2.25 Nivea men face scrub
2 $2/2 Pantene CVS q
2 $3/2 Pantene mq
2 $2/1 Any hair care, shampoo, or styler CVS q
2 $1/2 Herbal Essences mq
1 $1/2 Nestle water
1 CVS Nestle $2.88 q (took off 0.51 since these are on sale for 3.39 at my store this week)
2 $1/1 Sally Hansen nail
1 $2/1 Visine mq
1 $1.50 CVS Visine q
1 $2/2 Kotex natural balance liner
1 $4/20 beauty q
1 $4/20 CVS q
2 $2 off any Rimmel Cosmetic CVS q
1 $3 off any Revlon CVS q
1 $3 off any cosmetic CVS q
-7 ECB

Total after coupons: $17.82 (including tax) and I got 2 ECB back from visine and 5 ECB from Nivea deal.

I was so excited with my haul today!!

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