My CVS Purchase included 2 bags of Pampers sale price 2/$17.98, 3 bottles of Pantene shampoo (2) & conditioner (1) sale price 3/$12.00 and 1 bottle of 50qty Aleve no sale $7.99…. Manufacturer coupons $3 off Pampers, $5 off 3 Pantenes, $3 off Aleve. CVS coupons $2 off Pantene, $2 off Aleve, 20% of none sale item (Aleve) and 4 CVS EB from previous purchase. Total at register $17.40 received 10EB for pamper & Pantene purchase total after all was done $7.40!!!! Excited to learn more and keep bragging! Any tips or comments are welcomed as I am new to the couponing game😉