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First Brag! Rite Aid Trip, Subtotal: 8 CENTS!

Nancy Lee
1st trip of the week

I spent 8 cents for all of these!!! Plus 6 up rewards to use for my next trip!!!

OB COMPLETE 5 WAY CLEAN TOOTHBRUSH: Paid: $2.99 Rec’d $2.99 up= Free

2 HALLS 30 CT: Sale: 2/$3 Used: $1/2 packs Paid: $2 Rec’d $1 back = 50cents ea

2 Arizona Tea 50 Cents Ea (It only shows one in the picture because my husband drank one)

2 Irish Spring Aloe Body Wash: Sale: 2/$5. Used: (2) $1 Q from last time when I bought Colgate toothbrush, it came with some Q’s attached to the box. Paid $3 Rec’d $2 Up = 50Cents each

Had to throw in the M&M’s to make it over $10 so I could use my $10 up reward from last week when I bought the Huggies.

Subtotal: 8 CENTS!!! And I rec’d $6 Up rewards!!!

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