I’m still kinda new to couponing and really dont understand the percent off and tax. Moved here from a tax free state so now my math is always off. Graco 4ever 299.99 reg, 10% off sale made it $269.99. Huggies diapers $34.99 reg, $2/1 mf coupon, 10% cartwheel=?. Gerber graduate forks $5.09 reg, price matched to walmart.com 2.93, $1/1 mf coupon =$1.93. 15% off registry coupon, 5% red card. Paid $257.71, received $40 gc, $1 rebate checkout 51. On the way out a lady gave me a 10% off carseat target coupon (wish I would’ve thanked her more and maybe she’ll see this), went to customer service and they reimbursed me $26.70. Making it a total of $231.01 oop, a $40gc and $1 rebate.


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One thought on “First brag, target adventure”

Great job!