Just got home from target, and this was $43.06, they didn’t have the mouthwash I wanted, but I only spent $6.48, and got 2 $5 gift cards, I was flustered and didn’t do 2 transactions other wise it would have been free. But I have $10 to use next time. Then I went to cvs and didn’t do so good there buuuut I’m learning


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2 thoughts on “My first coupon adventure at Target”

Flustered or not this is still an excellent haul! I’m still learning with only 3 “successful” trips so far. My Target trip was pathetic…they were out of stock on all but TWO of my list items LOL.oh well I’m getting the hang of it. Watching Extreme Couponers show, I never understood why they got so anxious at checkout…now I do!! 🙂 it’s nerve-racking trying to keep up with the items ringing in to make sure they’re correct & all your coupons scan correctly etc etc. So I totally get where you’re coming from. Keep it up!


You sound like me! Nice haul! I’m still learning as well and oh my goodness, do I get flustered. Lol!