This is my first time. So I am in a baby step.
Then. In my regular shop at family dollar I receive a Catalina for 5 dollars off in a 25,00 purchase. And was expired today so I need to be quickly. I set a Ibotta account with the kcl offer. And they have a refund of 3,00 on my main item that I had to buy. I didn’t have time to print coupons and didn’t know to to other way. So I look for other stuff that the family dollar has a coupon in the store coupons. So I bought:
1 glade melt warmer 10,00
Use a store coupon -5,00
And use a 3,00 refund at Ibotta app
(Didn’t use the 2,00 coupon from the Didn’t have)
= 2,00
3 twin pack of suave deodorants 3,25 each x 3= 9,75. Use 3,00 off store coupon for 3 suave products up to 3,00 = 6,75 because is twin pack that’s mean 1,12 for each.
1 Softsoap body wash 2,00 – 1,00 store coupon
1 I can’t believe it’s not butter 3,25 -0,75 store coupon = 2,50

I know that was not good. But I still have the 5,00 off from Catalina coupon

So all my purchases without coupons was. 26,00
– 5,00 from Catalina coupon
-5,00 coupon from family dollar glade melt warmer
-3,00 coupon from FDollar coupon at 3,00/3 products
-1,00 Softsoap FDOLLAR coupon
-0,75 I can’t belive it’s not butter.
= 11,25

Plus on rebate
Because is my first transaction I have
10,00 for welcome plus the 3,00 rebate on the glade melt warmer and 1,00 from the kcl bonus.

So I paid 11,25 plus tax and still have 14,00 on rebate in the Ibotta.
So from my first transaction I have a moneymaker.