My first coupon trip at target!

6 boxes Playtex sport pads 18 ct.- $3.99/box
$4/2 boxes manufacturer coupon- used 3
$5 gift card when you buy 3- received 2
Total- $0.49/ box with tax

3 packs Bic pens 10 ct.- $0.97/pack
$1/1 manufacturer coupon
Total- Free!

2 Oral-B toothbrushes- $1.49/ a piece
$1.50/2 manufacturer coupon
Total- $0.74/ each

6 bottles Palmolive dish soap- $1.02
$1/2 manufacturer coupon
Total- $0.52/ bottle

1 bottle vitamints- $7.99
$4/1 manufacturer coupon
25% off cartwheel app
Total- $1.99

6 bottles Jergens Wet Skin lotion -$6.99
$3/1 manufacturer coupon
20% off cartwheel app
Total- $2.59/ bottle

6 bottles Vaseline lotion- $3.49
$2/1 manufacturer coupon
20% cartwheel app
Total- $0.79/ bottle

3 jars prego alfredo sauce- $1.97
$1/1 manufacturer coupon
25% off cartwheel app
Total- $0.48/ jar

I only spent $26!!


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5 thoughts on “My First Coupon Trip at Target!”

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Could you please post where you got the coupons? Thanks


The 20% cartwheel app is only for jergens natural glow . How do you do it ?


There’s another cartwheel for all lotions, but it says it excludes body wash, which this would be classified as, so not sure how it went through. They probably manually entered it.


Ok, thank you