$2/2 mfc for the popcorn
2 $1/1 mfc for softsoap
2 $1.50/1 CVS extracare
1 BOGO for simple skin care

Had a $5 ECB for downloading the cvs app!! And used $4 off 20 that printed when I scanned my extracare card!! Total came out to be $3.60 OOP!!

2 $.50c mfc for huggies (on sale for 2 for $5) (it was supposed to also give me a $1 register reward but it didn’t so that got messed up)
$3/1 mfc for cerave bar
Had a Walgreens coupon for $2 for cerave
$5 off for twin pack on sale for $16.99.
Had a Walgreens coupon for $2 for the optifree

Total OOP was $17.08

6 $1/1 of the sensodyne toothpaste
Deal was get $5 GC for 3 sensodyne toothpaste.
Used the $20 get $5 GC for personal care items!

Total was $23.24 and got the $15 in GC!!

I have been wanting to do a successful couponning trip and was a little upset because the Walgreens came out to be a lot BUT in the end it was worth it!! I only get things I need so I thought this was such a great couponning trip!!! Yay!!! Thank you KCL for making it so easy!!


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One thought on “My VERY FIRST couponning trip for $82.35 worth of things only $29.02!!! CVS/Target/Walgreens”

Hi, I know that prices are different in every store. But I want to get an idea of how much was the simple cleanser moisturizer at your cvs. Thank you