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First extreme couponing


This week was done at our branch of Kroger called King Soopers and just so everyone knows I called ahead to pre-order all bulk items, I had others come with me to do transactions so not to take up a long line and I went to three different stores to get all the items.Also I’m not planning on being a hoarder and keeping all of these items because most are going to friends, family and others I know who are in need due to money troubles or, like some, that lost their houses in the recent fires.

In total items were:

93 boxes of Betty Crocker instant potatoes

1 large box of Frosted Flakes

6 boxes of Hamburger Helper

5 Sobe drinks

5 Mt. Dew 2 Liters

4 Dr. Pepper 2 Liters

12 packages of brown gravy mix

1 box of Lemonade Capri Sun

3 packages of Chips Ahoy!

2 bags of Ruffles chips

2 Mamba candies

1 loaf of bread

2 packages of bacon

2 packages of ham lunch meat

3 packages of fruit snacks

2 cans of Progresso soup

3 packages of Taco Seasoning

1 package of Cheese crackers

1 package of Applesauce cups

1 loaf of garlic bread

1 package of cherry scones

Oop: 59.01

Used 34 0.50/2 for BC doubled to 1.00/2

2 0.50/3 Hamburger Helper doubled to 1.00/2

2 0.50/2 Toaster Strudel doubled to 1.00/2

First extreme couponing

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