OK so today I got my coupons in the add bag☺️ and since we all ended up with strep throat I had to through the toothbrushes away. I ended up finding a coupon for Colgate 360 toothbrushes and Colgate optic white toothpaste.
Originally at Walmart the Colgate toothpaste and toothbrush were $2.96 each I had 4 manufacture coupons at $2.00 off /1
And I also had $2.00 off /1 optic white toothpaste.
That brings the total down to $.96 each item. Total $8.19
Not to bad still trying to figure out how people walk out of the store and the store and the store owing them money. Can anyone answer that one?


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3 thoughts on “First smart shopping trip at Walmart!”

I’m a beginner and still learning myself. But basically having a coupon greater than the product price or having reward amounts greater than price. So a good example is the almay eye remover pads 15ct at Walmart they r under 1.50 each so I recently bought four and used 2 $5 off any 2 almay product coupons. So I had roughly 6 dollars worth of product but 10 dollars worth of coupon making me 4 dollars that was 4 additional dollars taken off my purchase because I bought more. But that is a good example.


there are tutoials on here but basically it involves holding onto coupons until there are multiple promotions running on them. For example if wlamart decided to rollback the price to 1.96 ($1 off) and you still had the coupon the deal would be a $.04 moneymaker. The ULTIMATE deal would be if on top of that there were a rebate offer through ibotta or someplace else.


That is a great deal! Where did you find the $2 off of 1?