My first Target haul.
Not pictured are a pair of shorts, a shirt, and a stylish rug.
I paid $85 out of pocket, and after o submitted rebates, it went down to $82. This is $200 worth of merchandise!!!!! Target has got a great deal running. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


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Hey! So, it get’s a little tricky, but the savings are worth it.


You have to do 6 different transactions.
Transaction #1
Use coupon for $5 gc with purchase of $20 worth of health and beauty products.
They also have a promotion where if you buy 4 L’oreal products, you get a free $5 gc.
So, here’s the breakdown for transaction #1:
2 L’oreal Shampoos ($3.99 each)
2 L’oreal Conditioners ($3.99 each)
4 L’oreal Hair Stylers ($3.99 each)
Then my Target had the travel size boxes of Tampax tampons on sale for $0.35 each so I bought 13 boxes.
I used 4 mfc for $2/1 L’oreal shampoo/conditioner and 4 mfc for $2/1 L’oreal hair styler.
OOP: $21.97
Gift Cards received: $15
Submit this receipt to Ibotta for 2 rebates: 12.6 oz L’oreal Shampoo/conditioner and L’oreal hair styler; receive $2 back.
So, I only really paid $4.97 and that was for the tampons!

Transaction #2:
I took my husband with me so I could use another health and beauty coupon to receive a $5 gc with $20 purchase. Can’t question two coupons if there are two guests. 😉
I did the L’oreal promotion again.
4 L’oreal hair treatments ($5.99 each)
I also did the promotion where if you buy 4 scrubbing bubbles products, you receive a $5 gc
4 scrubbing bubbles bathroom wipes ($3.19 each)
Used 4 mfc for $3/1 L’oreal hair treatments
Used 2 $2/2 scrubbing bubbles products
My total came to $25.59 on this one.
Applied the $15 worth of gc from transaction #1
Paid $10.59 out of pocket.
I received $15 worth of gc back.
So, I was paid $4.41 for this transaction really.

Transaction #3
2 Summer’s eve cleansing cloths ($1.74 each)
I did the playtex promotion to where if you buy 3 playtex products, you receive a $5 gc
4 boxes of playtex pads ($3.99 each)
2 boxes of playtex tampons (They were supposed to be $6.99 each but I was only charged $3.99 each. I would have pointed it out to her had I seen it, but I was too busy trying to get the next order together)
I used 4 mfc for $1/1 playtex pads
I used 2 mfc for $1/1 playtex tampons
Cartwheel for playtex tampons (I think it was 15%?)
Then I used 2 mfc for $1/1 summer eve product.
My total came to $23.15
Only $10 worth of gc was applied at this point (My cashier was keeping up with all the gc for me, so I think one was misplaced. I’m not upset about it.. I got a deal on the tampons so.. life)
Anyway, ended up paying $13.15 out of pocket, but I got $10 back in gc
So, paid $3.15!

Transaction #4
Promotion was if you buy 2 Purex products, you receive a $5 gift card
I bought two Purex ($6.99 each)
Used mfc for $3/2
Total came to $11.61
After gc were applied, I paid $1.61 out of pocket.
I received a $5 gc, so I was paid $3.39!

Transaction #5
My Target had axe 3-in-1 on sale from $3.99 to $2.78.
2 axe ($2.78 each)
1 Garnier hair styling gel ($3.47)
I used the first aid promotion here where if you buy 3 first aid products, you get a free first aid bag!
I bought 2 bandaids ($2.79 each)
1 vision ($3.97)
1 Motrin ($4.09)
1 mfc $1.50/2 bandaids
1 mfc $1.50 off visine
2 mfc for $1/1 axe product
1 mfc for $1/1 motrin
Cartwheel for garnier for 10% off.
Total came to $14.67 and 1 $5 gift card was applied.
I paid $9.67 out of pocket.

1 pair of shorts (originally $24.99, got for $14)
1 shirt (Originally $12.99, paid $10)
1 up and up toothbrush
2 axe products (same ones from previous transaction)
1 Doormat (on sale $9.08)
2 mfc for $1/1 axe
Cartwheel for 5% off toothbrush
Paid $40.35.

I also got 5% off of everything for bringing in my own bags! It was very tricky and stressful, and there were mistakes ALL over it… but I still think it was a great trip.


I was so burnt out on all the free shampoos and stylers I have from this weeks deals and previous weeks that I was going to buy 4 loreal treatments at 5.99 each and get back two $5 GC but the treatments weren’t triggering GC’s on their own, just for the spend $20 promo so I put them back. In next weeks as there is another beauty promo and hopefully it includes shampoo/body wash etc, etc etc….