I bought …
Two diapers bags
Two wipe boxes
Two mouth wash
Two speedsticks
Three shampoo(one not pictured .. gave it away)
One tide
Three toothpaste
One revlon nailpolish

for $23.88 oop and left with $5 ecb so technically spent $18.88 not bad for my first coupon visit which was inspired by my sister.. im so happy…😄😄


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3 thoughts on “My first time at CVS… awesome..!!”

Go back and buy 2 more diapers pks. Use 2 $1.50 coupons from coupon.com and use your $5 ecb. Pay $9.98 out of pocket and recieve $10 eb. Cvs is running a promo this week on pampers but you have to buy 4 altogether. (If you have 2 coupons from last week “buy pampers diapers and recieve free wipes” then throw 2 more wipes in your cart for no extra cost.) Good job though. Coupons are worth it!!!


Learn to use coupons correctly and actually take the time to read each stores policy. Not allowed to use a b1g1 free coupon and a second coupon on the other item. You may at rite aid cause they allow it but if you had read cvs policy you would know it’s not allowed there. A b1g1 coupon applies to both items being purchased. And people wonder why stores crack down on couponers!!


Very Nice 🙂