I bought:
2 Star Wars Green Light Sabers, 2 Star Wars lunch box puzzles, 2 Palmolive dish soaps, 2 Colgate Max toothpastes, 2 two packs of GUM toothbrushes, 2 XTRA detergents, 2 Ferrero Rocher 12 count boxes, 2 bags of M&Ms candies, 2 bags Hershey’s kisses, 2 bags of CVS floss picks, 1 No Grey quick fix, 1 of each M&Ms, starburst, Reeses and 1 orbit gum.

The toys, Ferrero Rocher, M&Ms bags, Hershey’s bags were BOGO FREE.

Other items were Free with CVS EBs.

This was my very first time attempting this and I spent more than I wanted to but I saved a lot too. Definitely a learning experience and I can’t wait to spend less out of pocket. I also used several manufacturers coupons

I spent $45.76
I saved $75.23

Making this a total $120.99 value

That’s like 65% saving? Maybe more.