Alright so today I went to Rite Aid and I purchased and icy hot that was on clearance for $4.39. No coupon used. I also bought a Aleve p.m. caplets that was on sale for $4.84 and I use a $2 manufacturer coupon total cost was $7.97.
Next I went to Walmart and I found an Allegra allergy medicine for $5.47 and i use a $4 manufacturer coupon. Next I found a curate waterproof adhesive tape for $0.97 and I use a $1 off manufacturer coupon on it. I found a Centrum multigummies for $6.84 and use a $4 off coupon. next I found an excedrin extra strength caplets for $3.50 and use a $2 off coupon. And lastly I bought an always radiant pad that was originally $6.84 and I use a $1 off coupon and the always radiant pad had a bonus for a free 1 year subscription to a cosmopolitian magazine! Total was around $11 plus a free year of cosmo magazine!


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2 thoughts on “Free cosmopolitian magazine year subscription–Rite Aid & Walmart!”

On the package of the always radiant pad it comes with a lil sticker and inside the sticker is a code to enter online for a free year subscription.


What triggered the Cosmo promotion?