1st buy: 2 l’oreal hair care, 4 Nivea body wash (BOGO), cvs body wash, 2 Colgate total toothpaste, percil detergent. Used (2) $3 l’oreal coupons, (2) $3/2 Nivea coupons, $4/14 body wash cvs coupon, $2.50 Colgate cvs coupon, $2/2 toothpaste cvs coupon, $1 percil coupon, and (2) $2 Colgate coupons. Applied $9 EB and paid just tax.
2nd buy: 2 l’oreal hair care and 2 Colgate toothpaste. Used (2) $3 l’oreal coupons, (2) $1 Colgate coupons, $2.50 cvs toothpaste coupon, and $2/2 cvs toothpaste coupon. Applied $2 EB and paid just tax. Received $2 EB back making the cvs trip free.
Bonus: went to publix and bought 4 l’oreal shampoos (not pictured) on sale 2/$7 and applied (4) $3 coupons, paying just $2 oop.


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One thought on “Free at CVS and $2 at Publix”

Were did you get coupon s


The Nivea, Colgate, and L’oreal coupons came from coupons.com. The percil coupon was out of a Sunday paper coupon insert. The rest were cvs coupons that printed from their machine on various trips.