I clipped the $1 off Kroger ecoupon for suave professionals.

They are on sale for $.99 with the buy 5 save $5. So I got 5 and $1 off each made them free.

Some cashiers don’t understand this and say they can’t do anything about the electric coupons not coming off but I showed the cashier my coupon and she took it off. It says on the coupon (can use up to 5 times in a single transaction)


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4 thoughts on “Free Suave at Kroger”

There’s a suave coupon in the 8/4 redplum I believe that is for $2/2 and $3/2 for the suave gold which is also included in the sale. Men’s suave(select ones) also come out to be free with a $1 off men’s from the same insert.


Let me understand if u buy 5 suave shampoo (buy5save5)plus clipped q will make it free? Well only pay tax. Help me get some savings…..


Hi! Do you think is better to print out the coupons?? So they understand.. Im new at couponing


I doubt the coupon is still there to clip since it expires soon. It was part of the back to school savings and could be used 5 times in a single transaction. Also had a $1.50 suave gold, axe body wash and shampoo and many others that made for really great deals. But these were also in an insert couple weeks ago.