Finally was able to upgrade both of our phones taking advantage of the gift card option. We were given two $100 gift cards (ad promo) and one $115 gift card for trade in value.

Paid no taxes for phones thanks to GC #3 and got all the above items for FREE thanks to GC#1. In addition, used GC#2 to stock on sodas & water by using two of the Target promo coupons in ad, and I still had a nice remaining balance.

From this transaction and transactions made Sunday I earned some gift cards as well (been rolling them ever since) and earned $15.25 on Ibotta.

I think I have reached the extreme level of couponing. Woohoo!


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3 thoughts on “Free Thanks To Promo at Target!”

Please let me know how you got such a great deal.


Please let me know how you got such a great deal..


This week (ends tomorrow) Target had an ad promo on iPhone. If approved, you will get $100 GC per phone. We had the iPhone 5C and we were eligible for upgrade. We got two $100 GC for switching our phones. In addition to that, Target offered us a trade-in value for the old phones and we got $115 for both in a GC. Used gift cards for purchase and coupons suggested for this week by KCL