*Not pictured is charmin 16 count*

3 Pantene shampoo/conditioner-3/$12, used $5/3 coupon and $2/3 cvs coupon, submitted to c51 for $2
2 tide-$5.94 each, used 2 $2/1 coupons
Charmin-$9.99, used $1/1 coupon
Venus-$8.99 & $12.49, used 2 $3/1 coupons, $3/$15 Venus cvs coupon

Used $10/$40 coupon and $3 free quarterly ECB’s! Total-$21.35, rolled $20 ECB’s so only paid $1.35 oop, received $20 ECB’s and $2 c51!! Love free stuff!!


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4 thoughts on “Free trip at CVS!!”

Great job!


Thank you!


What is the 3$ free quarterly ecb? When do we get them and how do we know if we have them?


You should have gotten an email or it will show up if you have the app….last quarter I got $1 and this quarter I got $3!! I think they send it out like 4 times a year, but you should have gotten an email about it, maybe you could check your account online